Why do Leading Practitioners prefer the Metabolic Balance Method?

  • low start-up cost
  • easily adapted to existing or new businesses
  • fast return of initial investment
  • saves practitioner time and resources
  • highly effective and client health centered
  • 70% plus referral rate
  • tested & tried techniques
  • integrated system includes blood draw and lab analysis
  • professional coaching support
  • uses only natural wholesome foods!
  • increases practice’s profitability

Join the growing network of health professionals who offer their clients this leading European all-natural nutrition program! Reach us to learn about:

  • Metabolic Balance Scientific Basics & Medical Fundamentals
  • Metabolic Balance Coaching Practices
  • Metabolic Balance Business Tools


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Each Person is Unique, so the same approach does not work for everyone. Your Client deserves a personalized all-natural Weight Management Plan, to optimize success.

  • Scientific analysis based on 36 blood values and client's unique health profile.
  • Personalized nutrition plan matches your client's bio-chemistry with the right food-chemistry.
  • Delivers amazing results! Fat melts away, energy increases and wellness is optimized.

Our Certification Program is now more accessible and affordable!

  • Our 16-lessons Scientific Basis and Medical Fundamentals are offered via the Metabolic Balance e-Training Institute (mbeti.org). Here we cover the how and why Metabolic Balance works.
  • In five Online-Live-Webinars we focus on the practical application. Learning the coaching processes, best practices, how to access tools required for developing clients’ personalized nutrition plans and apply the Metabolic Balance method.

“Metabolic Balance has been a life changer for me! I lost four dress sizes, I suddenly wanted to exercise, my sleep improved, my cholesterol went down, and my energy went up. All through eating foods I love! I did so well with the program that I became a coach; now I offer Metabolic Balance as another service in my practice. I like the fact that homeopathy and Metabolic Balance are a natural complement to one another — they both stress individuality and a holistic approach to natural health.”

Edi Pfeiffer, CCH, RSHom. (NA)

What our certified Coaches have to say:

"As a physician with a strong interest in human metabolism and its role in health, I have been impressed with the deepening of my knowledge offered through the Metabolic Balance online learning modules. Dr. Wolf's video lectures are engaging, interesting, and, most of all, provide evidence-based foundation for the metabolic balance program along with discussion of practical applications. It’s been very exciting adding the Metabolic Balance personalized nutrition program into my practice!”

Patricia A. Stafford, MD