Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Dr. med Wolf Funfack, physician of internal medicine and nutritional medicine, in collaboration with Mrs. Silvia Bürkle, Dipl.-Ing. Metabolic Balance was developed for nutritional technology, for doctors, non-medical practitioners, nutritionists and high-quality fitness facilities. Neither Metabolic Balance GmbH nor Metabolic Balance USA is a medical institution.

The employees of Metabolic Balance do not give medical advice nor make diagnoses. They can only provide you with advice and tips about the correct and healthy nutrition for you as an individual. All information provided by Metabolic Balance® should not be considered in any way as a substitute for medical advice, diagnoses and therapies given by a doctor, unless they come directly from a doctor! Patients should notify their practitioner of any disorder whether suspected or diagnosed.

Pregnant and nursing mothers can not participate in our program. Patients with severe renal or hepatic insufficiency are also excluded from participation. Plans are also not possible for individuals with a BMI of less than 18. Also, a nutritional plan can not be created if, based on the findings collected from you, there is a suspicion of a threatening disease.

Metabolic Balance® is not a medically supervised program. The Metabolic Balance® plan and system is designed to help healthy individuals lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It is a recommended dietary program only and in no way represents medical treatment or medical advice. The program does not constitute a medical product or service, and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. It does not accommodate for physical or medical conditions, food allergies or the taking of any prescription drugs. All medical conditions and your current health status should be discussed with your physician prior to beginning this, or any other, weight loss program.

(If you are under medical treatment because of your weight, if you have been advised by a doctor to take a certain diet or if you are taking medications prescribed by the doctor due to illness, you should first talk to your doctor about taking Metabolic Balance. If you suffer from or have suffered from a condition such that weight loss is undesirable, your doctor should decide if Metabolic Balance is suitable for you, in which case you should consult your doctor prior to starting)