The Idea

Metabolic Balance evolved out of the observation that nutrition has an enormous influence on the control of the body's natural processes and thus on well-being and health.

Food and eating habits that are considered normal today are not fully suitable for everyone. The self-regulation of the body can get out of balance. As a result, diseases and obesity arise.

Metabolic Balance starts here and it is our conviction:

When we approach the causes and restore the balance of the body, the symptoms of its imbalance disappear.

For example:

  • Overweight
  • Allergies
  • Illnesses caused by malnutrition

The Result

The Metabolic Balance Nutritional Concept

Metabolic Balance is a all-natural nutrition concept, with intensive and personal coaching, based on the creation of a tailor-made nutrition plan.

This clear and simple to operate plan shows:

  • which foods to eat and which to avoid
  • in which quantities these foods should be consumed
  • in which combination these foods should be consumed
  • when and how to consume these foods
  • how to reach a new awareness and zest of life in 4 phases

As Individual and Unique as You …

... exactly for you and like you!

That’s what you get with the Metabolic Balance nutrition plan. This is because it’s based on: 

  • your unique blood values,
  • meassurements as well as
  • your personal case history.

Thus, Metabolic Balance adjusts the nutrition program to the demanding needs of the client, e.g. in the following cases:

  • allergies,
  • ailments,
  • individuel likes and dislikes.

A great opportunity for the growing number of people who are already restricted in their diet - but also for everyone else who values their health.

Our Client's Health

Assistance with personal coaching

Metabolic Balance focuses on health, both its improvement and its maintenance. A positive side effect of a healthy diet is usually weight loss. Find our "Success Stories", where you will hear from different successes and people's personal stories. While some clients have sustainably improved their health with Metabolic Balance, others have lost an amazing amount of weight.

You will read about Amelie; her life was dramatically limited by numerous food allergies and now she has her own cookery blog. You will get to know people who were ill and are now enjoying a healthy well-being and life.

How does Metabolic Balance work?

You can really achieve your goal much faster than you think!

With Metabolic Balance you receive an unique and tailor-made metabolic program which will support you optimally on the way to achieving your goals. Find out how and how quickly you can achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Would you like intensive and personal support from a certified Metabolic Balance coach at your place of residence? You’ll find the right contact person in our Find-A-Coach link.
Would you like to be flexible in terms of time and location? We have many certified coaches that provide long-distance coaching. Contact us at
You’ll get to know all about Metabolic Balance, and discuss your goals and preferences, while providing your personal data to your coach.
The analysis of your blood values forms the basis for the creation of your personalized nutrition plan.
This is where you’ll receive your personalized nutrition plan with varied, healthy, and balanced meals. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to change your diet. The 8 rules and the official Metabolic Balance app are there to help you out.
You have your Metabolic Balance coach at your side right from the start. No matter if in person or long-distance support through a certified Metabolic Balance coach. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your coach. Share your successes and get practical as well as motivational tips.
Now it’s time for your four-phase program. 1. Preparation – this is the phase where the body gets primed for transformation. 2. Strict Conversion – in the first two weeks, you will adhere strictly to the food list in your meal plan. After that, you are able to consume oils and some other perks. 3. Relaxed Conversion – the food list on your meal plan is extended. Treat meals will be introduced 4. Maintenance – you know how to experiment with new food and meals and you know what works for you based on your practice in the first three phases. You may slowly introduce more leeway from the strict guidelines, but you’ll still keep the healthy key eating habits.

Metabolic Balance - the Original

Often Copied - but never matched

Like with all good things, you can’t keep your success to yourself for long. And, that’s definitely true with Metabolic Balance, and everybody wants a piece of the pie. Counterfeits and copy nutrition programs often pop up all over the place, but in the end, it’s not the same.

However, with Metabolic Balance, you can be assured that you have purchased an exclusive and original product from Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG.

We stay true to our principles

Terms such as “metabolic typing,” “metabolic–direct,” or other word marketing games with “metabolic” conceal various weight loss programs that often try to achieve the desired success without any blood analysis. Some programs even go so far as to copy not only Metabolic Balance’s nutritional philosophy, but also the company’s appearance in order to get as close as possible to our original product.

At Metabolic Balance, we are and remain of the opinion that a serious metabolic change may NEVER take place without blood analysis.

  • This is the only way for both you and your coach to be sure that there are no threatening illnesses that might rule out temporary participation in the metabolic program.
  • Only by doing so, previously unknown metabolic disorders be identified and taken into account for your personalized nutrition plan.

If you would like to know whether your nutrition plan really does come from our company, use our exclusive authenticity test. This will tell you if you’re holding the original Metabolic Balance program in your hands!

Metabolic Balance Ernährungsplan