Metabolic Balance – Nutrition basics: Introduction to the success program


Metabolic Balance has proven to be one of the most successful nutritional and diet programs in recent years. A recent independent scientific study confirms that Metabolic Balance not only leads to effective long-term weight loss, but also improves general blood count and overall health.

The program is based on a nutritional plan that is devised for each individual according to his blood count and other personal data.

This compact guide is a comprehensible, easy-to-understand introduction to the Metabolic Balance program. The book explains complex issues in detail and offers concrete, practical instructions on how to use the Metabolic Balance program.

Metabolic Balance - Your Personalized Nutrition Roadmap


Say goodbye to starvation diets! A natural approach to reaching your perfect body weight.

This unique method for losing weight is tailored to your own very specific needs by physicians and specially trained consultants. By adaption your diet, you will stimulate your metabolism and promote health and wellbeing. Metabolic Balance gives your body all the nutrient it needs, without resorting to special supplements or medication. Regulation your diet will encourage your body to release insulin the way nature intended, bolstering your body’s production of hormones and keeping its metabolism in balance. It will not take long before you start to feel the sensation of happiness that comes with reaching your perfect body weight – without starving yourself.