Aiko Wynn, ACC

Aiko grew up in Northern Utah and spent most of her 30 year career in corporate retail. She loved that work, accomplished great things and had formed lifelong friends with her job. But it also aged her, and her life and work became critically imbalanced. She chose to move on to higher frequencies of growth, and never looked back.  

When she thought it would be a time to retire... that's when coaching found Aiko. "I coach in areas I am passionate about and what has worked best for me," she explains. "That includes self-development, transition, mental fitness, career and natural weight loss with Metabolic Balance." After living in Seattle for 25 years, Aiko is now back in Utah surrounded by family, friends, her husband and their dog, Mochi.

Aiko is a Certified Professional Coach – ICF ACC, and is certified as a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, a Metabolic Balance Coach-Practitioner, and a Sedona Soul Coach. Aiko has clients who live all over the United States, and offers coaching sessions over the phone or on Zoom. 

What inspired you to devote your work to clients with nutrition needs? "I’ve struggled with my weight on and off for most of my life. I know what it feels like to try different tips, diets and approaches and not have them work. When I was overweight, I often felt like I was in a daily battle with food – seemingly everything I enjoyed eating was ‘bad for me’ and things that worked for my friends just didn’t have the same effect on my body. I was constantly searching for the best foods, the best diets, the best exercise programs and trying to cobble together solutions. Any benefit I saw was far outweighed by the effort I felt I put in. I spent thousands. I kept gaining weight. I could feel my body aging, my hormones were out of whack, I felt terrible and I was at my wit’s end.

"When I tried Metabolic Balance as a client — I was literally shocked by how easy it was to lose weight, how great I felt, and the amazing improvements in my health as shown in my bloodwork. I HAD to be a part of this amazing program — it felt like the world’s best kept secret to me! Selfishly, I did it for myself, my husband and my family members that I couldn’t wait to share it with! That turned into so many others asking what I was doing as they saw the weight continue to come off and stay off! Years later, I continue to be inspired by my clients and their amazing results. There are few things that feel better than finally achieving a healthy weight after so many years of struggling, frustration, and feeling 20 years older than I was."

What is one of your favorite client success stories? "I worked with a male client in his late 60’s. He had tried every available option – seeing a nutritionist, keto, Isogenics shakes, DASH, Atkins, you name it. He would drop 10-12 pounds and plateau each time before regaining the weight when he stopped each program. His weight was negatively impacting his health and was reaching a crisis point. We put him on Metabolic Balance and he lost 32 pounds and 7 inches from his waist in only 7 weeks!! I was stunned. He was thrilled! We retested his bloodwork after 4 months on the program – his triglycerides had dropped a whopping 58% and his CRP which is an inflammation marker had dropped by 60%!! During this same time, his blood pressure dropped dramatically and his glucose levels which had been pre-diabetic dropped to normal range.

"I love his experience because it’s such a great example of the power of food to change your body and take control of your own health."

What would you say to those who want to change their nutrition, but are nervous to start? "So many of my clients want to create lasting changes in their health and well-being, but were afraid of how to do so, and needed that added support that only a coach can offer.

"As your coach, I will be with you to answer your questions, help you find solutions that work for you, and provide support every step of the way. I tell my clients this should not feel hard, and if it does, we need to chat! Losing weight is often the start. The well-being is what hooks you for life! YOU CAN DO THIS!"

My Dietary Re-education

“After the birth of my son I started a long process to lose weight, but without success, I did keto, mediterranean, paleolithic, low-carb-high-fat, hormones, etc. I kept getting fat again, gaining more weight. When menopause came it made everything more difficult.

"After a friend told me that her life had completely changed with this program, I contacted Aiko, and that was a turning point in my life. I have dropped 32 pounds, started exercising, and I have a lot more energy. I don't feel fatigued, my clothes fit and I feel much more feminine and confident.

"Today I feel fulfilled. I continue to understand my body and I know that I will never again go through those times of sadness, frustration, and discomfort with myself for not knowing how to feed myself — but the change came first in my mind. Metabolic Balance is NOT another diet program but a dietary re-­education. I feel free for a life full of achievements. I am so grateful — it changed my life!!”
 - Thabida Pehrson 

Weight Gain Worry is Gone.

“My husband and I did it together and it easily accommodated both of our dietary needs and goals with our individual plans. We never felt hungry. After two years, my favorite meals are from my plan because they’re easy to prepare, they look good and they taste good. It's been two years now and I’ve maintained my weight loss. A couple of times I've allowed my weight to increase. And then I would go back on it and the weight would just fall right back off again.

"We easily integrated this plan into our lifestyle. I love that we aren’t dependent on buying meals, supplements or anything else on an ongoing basis other than healthy, whole foods.  

"I chose to work with Aiko Wynn because of her level of integrity, her ability to learn about people and how best to support them. When she does something, she puts in the due diligence to really learn it and how to make it easy for others to benefit from it. She gave us meal suggestions with photos of her own meals, answered all our questions, offered tips to make things easier and taught us everything we needed to be successful on this program. She genuinely cares about us and it shows!”
 - Cindy Williams 

Meet Aiko Wynn