Kara Sorensen, MS, LAc 

Kara has been helping women transform their cravings, overeating, and fear of weight gain since 2007. Even though the results had been amazing, weight loss continued to be a challenge for many clients, even when cravings stopped. She became certified as a life coach and learned more deeply about metabolism. She offers a holistic approach to healing, helping clients solve the underlying mental, emotional and physical parts of their puzzle so weight loss follows and peace with food becomes their natural state of being.

Kara has a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics, and a Masters of Science in both Nutrition Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is certified as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Metabolic Balance Coach. Kara is also a licensed Acupuncturist and Tapas Acupressure Technique Professional & Trainer.

What inspired you to work with clients with nutrition needs? “It wasn't until after I studied acupuncture that I really started seeing the value of nutrition. I found that people healed a lot faster when they were well nourished. I discovered that the acupuncture clients I was treating who had poor diets were not healing like they should have, so I returned to my nutritional roots and training, and now it’s where I focus my practice. I see the transformation of peoples lives when they heal their relationship with food and find out what is right for their body."

Why did you choose Metabolic Balance as a plan for your clients?

Because I had such great personal success with it myself. I had severe, unrelenting, untreatable hypoglycemia, for as long as I can remember. From the first day on the program, I had a transformation. It's a feeling where I woke up every morning and I couldn't believe how good I felt. Keep in mind that I was already eating well. 90% of what I was doing was right, but for me it was about the amount of food and the timing of my eating. I was eating too much protein. I was also eating too many vegetables, and I had restricted fruit because of my hypoglycemia. Now everything is balanced. This plan completely changed my life.

"The individualized approach is so valuable to me as a practitioner because I know my clients are not going to lose muscle mass. I know they're going to be safe. I can relax knowing that they are getting the nourishment that they need and that it works like I know it works. That confidence Is huge in being able to help people — there's no doubt in my mind that if people follow the program that it will work."

How does your coaching help support your client's goals? “Coaching comes in when unfinished business comes up to block clients from forward progress and taking care of themselves in the best possible way. I help them unravel that. So often trauma triggers coping mechanisms. Coaching helps them explore a better strategy to meet their underlying nutritional need and help them move away from numbing with food. Some clients feel guilty and ashamed when they allow themselves a treat meal. I help them navigate through all their old mental and emotional programming so that they can have a life enjoying food and their body, and not thinking so much about food. I'm a foodie myself, but I don't want to be obsessing about food and thinking about food all the time. I want to go out and live my life and then enjoy food when I eat. That's what my coaching aims to help others do as well."

Literally a life changer.

“So much has changed. I feel so much more like myself, I started dating for the first time in years, I have kept a 50-pound weight loss off for over a year, I have been able to eat so many more foods as my intolerances became so much less! 

"And some confidence that my body is in fact resilient when it’s given the proper foods, and correct amounts of foods. I struggled for so many years. This program was literally a life changer for me.”
 - Maureen

I Feel Fantastic!

“Since starting the program, my energy level has increased. The feeling of being bloated along with inflammation are gone. Belief in my ability to maintain this life are strong. Weight loss has been happening although I am eating more food.

"I am more comfortable and more confident. I am eating 3 meals a day for first time in my adult life and doing so has forced me to make that time for myself during work day which makes me more productive through the day." - Mary

Meet Kara Sorensen