Myra Nissen, CCH RSHom(NA)

Myra received her degree in homeopathy from Pacific Academy in San Francisco in 2006. She later earned her Certificate in Classical Homeopathy and is registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths. She now gives back to the homeopathic community as a board member. She has training in magnetic therapy and crystal healing and has given workshops on the east and west coast. Myra also established a local chapter for Weston A. Price Foundation as a way to help her clients locate quality foods.

Myra has always wanted to leave a positive influence on the earth. She choose careers that she felt would help. She has an undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology and archeology. She has volunteered in community recycling since high school and perused a career in waste reduction and recycling earning a master’s degree in environmental studies.

In her free time, Myra participates in a local poetry group writing and performing her written words. She enjoys the outdoors and works with a local group to pick up trash from the wetland.

What inspired you to us Metabolic Balance with your nutrition practice?

Healing with food is powerful, simple and beautiful. I have experienced profound healing of my own post-menopausal and blood sugar issues with Metabolic Balance personalized whole food nutrition plans. I became a coach because it was the perfect addition to my homeopathic practice.

What is the most often asked question your clients have?

The most asked is “Why is the food on my plan? And can I just not eat it?” The short answer is that their plan has been built for them specifically and each food has their own nutritional gift. If you don’t eat it, you’re missing out on what that gift might be. I use my references to look up their foods and go over what that food might be helping within their phases, and explain what organs the food support.

What is a favorite client journeys?

I had a client who who lost 80 pounds. She said it gave her the self confidence to explore creating a class to help women overcome body image through art. She comes from a family of artists, and she never felt like she had that ability. Now she believes that she can be artistic, She had never realized that before.

I Gained Myself Back

“This is the best I ever felt ever since I was a teenager. I have lost weight (20 lbs) my hair has grown longer (it stopped growing past my shoulders in the past 20 years), and my energy is higher. I feel like I’ve gained myself back.

“Myra Nissen is very easy to talk with, patient, detailed, compassionate, caring and highly professional I greatly appreciate what you have given me and enjoy working with you. I want to give you a personal thank you.”  - Tamar

New Lifestyle, New Choices 

“Since I have been on Metabolic Balance, my mind is clear, I am present and focused on what I am doing.  My hot flashes are gone. I look great! My face looks younger, no dark circles. This is the first program where I have not lost weight on my face. I have lost 13 lbs. Myra, I commend you on your commentment to the program; you look exactly the same as you did when first I met you in 2011.*  - Dr. Khashayar

Meet Myra Nissen