Dr. Noel Aldrich

Dr. Noel Aldrich is a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach, a Certified
Nutrition Specialist Practitioner and Licensed Nutritionist. His research at the University of Minnesota focused on the effect of protein intake on weight loss in midlife adults. In addition to his national certifications, he is an adjunct Professor for Maryland University of Integrative Health. He supports clients at his Northfield, MN location, as well as on Zoom.


What inspired you to practice nutrition?

After the miscarraige of our first child, we had a lot of questions. Can we have children? What should we have done differently? We were referred to a doctor who specialized in nutrition, and were given instructions on what to eat, and what to avoid. We were amazed to see the changes that happened within just a few months, and within six months my wife conceived again. Our baby is now 18 and taking college courses. Looking over our history, I recognized, “Wow. If food can do this, there’s a lot of people that need to know this information.” That was the inspiration point that changed my life and the life of our family.

What does Metabolic Balance offer your clients that hasn’t been available with other programs?

Metabolic Balance is a straightforward program that identifies the quality foods my clients specifically need, and offers them hands-on education on how to implement those foods in a quality eating pattern through 1-on-1 coaching. Coaching is a very personalized experience. I get to help them through their greatest frustrations and celebrate their greatest victories, and walk alongside them. I don’t see that in other programs.

What is one of your favorite client journeys?

A client that just started two months ago had inflammation, extra weight, and mood challenges. She came in this week and she said her family has commented, “Are you the same person? This isn’t the mom we remember.” One of her friends told her “Your energy is changing the world.” The extra benefit is that she’s losing weight, but it’s wonderful to see her experience such an improved change in such a short time with foods that are supporting a balanced moods and improved outlook on life.

Comprehensive Care

“Noel Aldrich is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. He keeps up to date on the latest research and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when assessing my health and treatment options. He takes the time to answer all my questions or concerns and I never feel rushed on my visits. He is by far the most collaborative provider I have worked with and I appreciate his comprehensive care and ease discussing the best approach for reaching my ideal health outcomes.*    - Tina

New Lifestyle, New Choices 

“I have been dealing with diabetes for 20 years. Following his guidance I have gotten off insulin entirely. I still take Metformin, but the dose level has been reduced and may continue to drop as I lose weight. I actually got onto his lifestyle change/diet wanting to lose weight, and wanting something that would work well with my diabetes. I have lost weight and Noel assures me that I will continue to lose weight to a more appropriate level with my new lifestyle. It takes some getting used to new food choices, varying menus, etc., but I don’t see me going back, to my old eating habits.*  - Sam

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