Stef Sojka, MPH, CHES 

Nutrition started as a personal journey for Stef. Struggling with weight gain, blood sugar issues, and other food reactions, she delved into educating herself with answers she could not get from her doctors. She started looking for a program for her own nutritional needs that would also support her clients holistically, without needing medications, powders, or supplements to support a balanced body.

She started following her own personalized Metabolic Balance plan back in 2018 and in her own words: “I loved it from day one. I felt great on it. It’s very simple and if you follow it, it works.” 

Stef has been working with Metabolic Balance since late 2018 with her online wellness programs via Zoom video sessions. She also has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH), is a Board Certified Health Education Specialist (NCHEC), and holds certifications as a Metabolic Balance Coach, a Whole Health Practitioner, a Corporate Wellness Coach, a Precision Nutrition Coach, and is a RESTART Licensed Educator.

Why are you are drawn to helping women that are in perimenopause and menopause? “If our hormones are out of balance, everything else in our body is out of balance and vice versa. Many of my clients have gone to their doctors about their symptoms of hormone imbalance only to be told “the change” is coming and they will just have to get through it. Personally, I want my body to be prepared for "the change" so I can still feel and look great. I'm in control of my body now and how it feels. Food can be the best medicine if you know the right foods to eat, in the right amounts, at the right time. These are some of the tenets of the Metabolic Balance program.

“I had a doctor tell me that I needed to get used to eating 1100 calories a day because that was just my metabolism. And I felt awful, flabby and fatigued. My hair was falling out. My blood sugars were all over the place. I didn't know what to eat anymore. I was frustrated. Now that I am following my own Metabolic Balance plan, I feel confident around food again! And I know that if I ever start feeling 'off,' I can always do a reset using my Phase 2 plan and get right back on track. I share my Metabolic nutrition tips with other women who are changing hormonally as well."

What is your food struggle and how do you work around it? “Planning and prep is my food struggle. But I find it a lot easier when my fridge is stocked with healthy food. Even preparing meals and the aroma of freshly cut cucumbers will put me in a healthy mindset. I recommend to my clients to go into a grocery store that features healthy options. Just being there, shopping and choosing healthy food, then going home and prepping puts you in a healthy mindset."

What is a favorite client journey? “I have a client who was in perimenopause. Before finding Metabolic Balance, she had been trying to eat healthier, but was disappointed at how the scale just kept creeping up. She wanted to lose 30 pounds before her birthday. She ended up losing and maintaining 32 pounds. She sent me a picture recently looking 10 years younger. Her favorite part about the program is the simplicity of the plan. So many clients come into this program being afraid of food – not being able to eat this or that. They start seeing how good they can feel, with so much energy and weight loss when eating the right foods for their body that they get hooked eating this way for life. The meals aren't complicated. The meals are made up of real, whole foods."

I Can See My Body Changing

“It’s been so great using this program. I’m so thankful to have you as a coach and feel more comfortable already. I’m really trying to pay attention to any changes that I feel. I’ve felt super energized so I feel great, and I can see my body changing. I am losing inches so that makes me really happy too. Thank you for the reassurance and motivation! I felt like I was in my head a little bit. But it’s all about trusting the process :) I just want to voice my appreciation and gratitude.”  - Kayla

I Feel Fantastic!

“I feel fantastic and love how I look in my jeans. This is different than anything I have ever experienced in weight loss — yes, I haven’t lost weight like this in such a short time, and when I did, I was 10 - 20 years younger. This plan would be harder if I didn’t feel well, but I really do! I had a number of clothing items altered yesterday."  - Mary

Meet Stef Sojka