Tanya Jarrett, MPH, NBC-HWC 

As a Nutritional Therapist, Tanya is continually amazed by the human body and how lifestyle affects her clients' health outcomes. It was this curiosity that led her to dive deep into the world of functional health. Tanya has over 10 years of experience creating personalized nutrition plans that helps her clients understand what foods fuel their body. She combines nutrition with coaching to help clients discover how to break free of unhealthy cycles and fad diets, how to choose their best lifestyle, and how they can stay motivated long-term.

Tanya's approach to well-being is guided by holistic, functional, and integrative modalities. She strives to reconnect clients with healing strategies so that they can experience vibrant health.

Tanya has degrees and certifications through Duquesne University (Health Management Systems), University of Pittsburgh (Masters of Public Health), Health Sciences Academy (Nutritional Therapist), AWellness Revolution (Certified Health & Wellness Coach), National Academy of Sports Medicine (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and ADCES National Diabetes Prevention Program (Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach).

Why did you choose Metabolic Balance as a plan for your clients? "I think Metabolic Balance is truly the most solid nutrition plan I've ever come across. It is the perfect road map for matching clients' biochemistry with food chemistry, and you can't get any more personalized than that. That's exactly why I use Metabolic Balance. It is specific to each person. I don’t want my clients to be guessing which foods are best for them. For example, a client who has a hypo/hyperthryroid may be eating what seems to be a healthy food, but this particular food item may actually be placing extra stress on their thyroid. It matters to me to get really personalized with what's going on with each client. There is so much power in that.

Metabolic Balance also gives clients the opportunity to choose. Many clients have come to me feeling very restricted from other traditional diets that exclude food groups. They are eating the same protein three times a day, and the same 5 foods every day because that's what they've been told to do. With Metabolic Balance there's more choice and variety, and an opportunity to create a supportive lifestyle."

How long does it take those clients to start feeling better? “Usually within Phase 2, clients are already texting me and saying, "I can't believe how well I slept last night,” or, "I didn't feel tired at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon." Within the first two to three weeks is where I see clients have significant shifts. It’s impressive even looking at the impact on my clients' gut health. They can make some significant changes within that bacteria within only 72 hours by eat by eating whole foods The body is so adaptive." 

What is one of your favorite client success stories? “I have a client that was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. In three months, he was down 40 pounds, lost 9% body fat, he lowered his blood pressure and his doctor told him he was longer diabetic. To this day, he still follows the plan about 90% of the time. He learned so many things about himself and how food made him feel, and he was able to use that information to make positive choices moving forward. He said, "If you want to lose fat, sleep better, feel more energized, think more clearly, and improve your overall health, then I can't recommend Tanya enough." His review was so incredibly beautiful because he had true success — true metabolic success."

Very Easy to Follow.

“Tanya was a great coach and while I had used other programs to lose weight before this program was by far the easiest and most effective. I was surprised by that. And maybe the best thing about it was that it was a very healthy approach that helped me address some larger health issues. So I did lose significant weight but also had a number of health issues improve, including my blood pressure, and inflammation. It was a great experience and very easy to follow.”
 - Barry

Weight Gain Worry is Gone.

“Working with Tanya was one of the most transformative experiences I've ever had! As a 29-year-old female looking to lose weight, I was unaware of how much inflammation and allergic reactions were taking place in my body. With Tanya's help, I was able to identify foods causing the issues, learn specific portion control, and empower myself to maintain the weight loss (still down 25 lbs 5 months after I started). I now can eat consciously, and cheat on occasion, without worrying about weight gain or low energy levels. Highly recommend working with her, as you're getting real nutritionist advice without the MLM and it's individualized to your body and needs.." - Rachel

Meet Tanya Jarrett