Daphne Kostova, CNP, NNCP

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Daphne is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner and a Certified Metabolic Balance coach. 

Daphne specializes in Hormone health for Women. Having suffered from hormonal imbalances herself, Daphne`s sphere of knowledge is helping women balance hormones through nutrition and supplementation! She loves helping women achieve FOREVER weight loss and weight balance results, and live a symptom-free life!

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Daphne's philosophy

"I believe in looking deep at the root cause of hormonal imbalances or any hormone related health issues women suffer from. 

Women`s health needs to be approached by looking at body, mind and soul, and hormone balance and nourishment should always be the main focus when it comes to weight loss.

I practice no shortcuts and no yo-yo diets, no calorie counting, and no restrictive diets because I believe a sustainable and personalized nutrition approach always leads to sustainable results for life, and YES you get the results you are looking for!"

In her practice Daphne helps determined women get their hormones back in balance, improve their metabolic health, get the weight loss they`re looking for while eating delicious and nutritious food!

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