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Eden Wood

Eden has been a fitness trainer in the Turks & Caicos, Canada and the US. She began her personal journey with Metabolic Balance® in 2020. Passionate about sustainable health and a balanced lifestyle, the Metabolic Balance way of life is what Eden continues to follow as a client and practitioner.  She has seen this program work for her family, friends and clients and believes in it. 

As a certified Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Coach and NASM Personal Trainer, she focuses on providing individualized support to her clients. Seeing your success is her mission and she will do what it takes to help you find your way.

Living in Port St Lucie, Florida, Eden is available in person or by virtual appointments.

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My Mission Is Your Success

Let’s have a discussion about your current health and your future goals. How you eat goes hand-in-hand with your lifestyle, let’s find a way to incorporate Metabolic Balance® into your life.

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