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In today's society, we are frequently encouraged to eat things called food, but these things are not really nourishing to our bodies. My wife and I ate such foods and one of the results was our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  After the miscarriage and the struggle with the "Why" questions, a surprising answer came through nutrition therapy.  

Following a specific nutrition plan, my wife and I experienced real health changes that resulted in two healthy children born into our family.  One of the significant changes was learning the necessity of choosing quality foods that support life. Our family has enjoyed quality health for many years now, and through graduate studies we have learned the science behind why nutrition works.

Quality food choices can transform health.  Nutrition is designed for healing.  At Nutrition Proportion, a personalized plan can be developed for you, so you can experience a personal transformation and realize improved quality of life.


I'm happy to report that I'm doing amazingly well on MB after almost two years.  I actually have zero health issues, no aches or pains, which have been very serious in the past.  I'm 77 years old and have actually started doing outdoor manual work with my son's start-up business.....power washing and sealing concrete driveways in the south metro....during the summer months.       

  L.L.  Prior Lake, MN

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Nutrition Proportion is located at 158 Water St. N,  Suite 2, in Northfield MN.   

Just off of Highway 3, located on the right side of the highway as you travel north out of Northfield. 

Nearby area businesses include the Brick Oven Bakery, and the office is located within Cram Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Look for a red brick building with blue trim.

Virtual meetings using ZOOM are also possible to give you the flexibility you need to reach your health goals.


Noel has worked with me to address my allergy and digestive symptoms that I have had for many years. With his help I have learned a healthy, sustainable way of eating. It has variety and Noel always finds "natural" suggestions for any issues we may have.  My husband and I will continue on with Metabolic Balance. With my digestive issues solved, I am able to live a more active lifestyle. It has made a tremendous difference in my day-to-day life.

N.M.  Northfield, MN

Getting results! Dr. Noel is the most informed nutritionist I've met, I am loving the results I'm getting.

R.B.  Burnsville, MN

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