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Hi there! I’m Stef Sojka, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach (and client!) since 2018. I also have a Master’s Degree in Public Health, and am a Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and a Board Certified Whole Health Educator with the National Institute of Whole Health.


I’m passionate about health and wellness and I love sharing the tips that I've learned on my own Metabolic Balance journey with my clients!

I am a mom to 2 children ages 8 and 13 . . .  and to 2 rescue dogs. My husband has also gotten his own personalized Metabolic Balance Program and had great success with it!

I help women who have been on that long journey of yo-yo dieting and still don't know what foods are right for them. After I bounced for 15 YEARS from doctor to doctor, carrying with me my growing binder of health records just trying to get to the bottom of why I felt so horrible all the time, I went on a full-blown mission to help myself once and for all.  My big ‘aha’ moment was when I realized how critical REAL food is to feeling better. I discovered so much about my food sensitivities while following my own personalized Metabolic Balance plan in 2018.  It really does start with food!

My passion is in helping women overcome their weight-loss resistance, boost their metabolism, decrease inflammation in the body caused by eating the wrong foods – all without giving up treat meals and REAL food! I want to help women to look and FEEL more healthy through healthy habits, lifestyle modifications, and better nutrition. It doesn't have to be complicated! 

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I coach Metabolic Balance clients throughout the United States and I've been following my own Metabolic Balance nutrition plan since 2018.  I am passionate about coaching my clients on their Metabolic Balance journey and seeing them succeed! I provide the accountability, education, and support needed to make nutritional and lifestyle modifications to support your WHOLE health. 

We will meet via Zoom video sessions in my secure coaching portal or by phone - whatever my clients prefer. In this coaching portal, you will have access to a food/mood tracker, weight/measurement tracker, recipes, secure chat to communicate with me, video trainings, and daily educational modules to keep you on track. You will receive your physical plan binder shipped to your home, filled with tips and tricks, PLUS a welcome gift!  You will have everything you need to be successful and to achieve your wellness goals. 

I offer flexible hours on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends to meet the availability needs of my clients.  

Have questions and want to learn more about my Metabolic Balance Nutrition & Coaching Program?

Schedule a call with me using the calendar below to find a time that works for you. Let's see if a Metabolic Balance nutrition and coaching plan is right for you!  

Here's how you can get in contact with me . . . 

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